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This is to introduce you to our full line of synthetic ropes and cordage. for over fourty-five years, since we developed foamed filament tying twine, to today's products for fiber optic installation, we have consistently served the diverse needs to industry and
individuals alike, making us the largest rope manufacturing operation in the Southeastern United States.

Throughout the United States and the Caribbean, our products are widely used for industrial, commercial and recreational purposes. Specialized uses include installation and placement of inner duct and conduit of copper wire and optical cable by the power and telephone companies. During the past years we have been supplying much of the Bell System's rope needs.

Other major rope uses include securing merchandise for transportation with cargo nets,

barricades and tie down. commercial fishing employs our "pot warp" for trap fishing and net hanging. other applications are crowd control in sporting events such as golf tournaments. our pre-packaged mooring and anchor lines are widely used by the marine recreation industry.

Our ropes are manufactured from domestically produced raw materials of the highest quality, not from imported yarns, nor are they foreign made ropes brought from abroad and respooled in the united states.

  Sunshine's products are periodically tested by the U. S. Testing Laboratories in Fairfield, N.J. We comply with U.S. Government and private sector standards maintaining the highest quality and ensuring against any defects in workmanship. A U.S. Government Certificate of Competence makes Sunshine an approved supplier of the Defense Industrial Supply Agency. We are also certified as a Small Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise by the Greater Florida Minority Development Council, Inc., and various state and local government agencies.  


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